Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Figure 1

Figure 1: A Scientific Documentation of 3 Bipedal Organisms is an installation for our Ideation & Process class. We experimented with the concept of the 'white cube', and explored making the personal impersonal and vice versa. We manipulated our non traditional location to make the space somewhat interactive by creating a web of string from which we could hang objects; hoping that perhaps we could force the viewer to get personal with our objects. Also, since our space envelopes the entire hallway and can be seen from every level of the building through windows, the space becomes unavoidable.

We basically ended up with a collection of collections. By taking our prized possessions and coveted items and exhibiting them in a gallery space with scientific labels, we felt like we were exposing our objects and ourselves in a very impersonal space. At the same time, the clean and sterile environment of the location became personal through the introduction of our objects, and creating a space with which viewers could interact.

The two other parties involved:
Julian Howley & Sara Fowler
YAY. this was alot of fun.

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