Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Earlier this year I was advised by the media arts chair at MCAD and two professors to start creating photographs without making images, break the molds of photography, make some next level shit basically. Here is, what I think is, my first successful attempt.

The premise for this project is that it had to be based on the concept of "Internal/External" in relation to the human body. I decided to get something permanently placed on my external surface (a tattoo) to create an internal dialog that I could pull substance from. Directly after getting the tattoo I stayed up all night and wrote a stream of consciousness-esk piece of writing reflecting on the experience and printed out the text as a 30x40 poster, hanging it up and treating it like a large format photographic print.

In critique it was compared to a non- photograph, illustration, conceptual art piece while at the same time being all of these things. I was told to push this intention further and coin my own term for what this "non-image image" could be. EXCITING!