Friday, November 7, 2008

this blog is for ethan.

Ethan. Ethanethan ethan ethan, ethan ethan? ETHAN!
Ehanethanethanethan ethan.. ethan.
Ethanethan; ethanethan, ethan ethan ethan ethan ethan.
ETHANETHAN. Ethan ethan? Ethan.
Ethan, ethan ethan ethan ethan. Ethanethanethanethan.
Ethan?!?! Ethan! Ethan? Ethan & Ethan.
Ethan + Ethan = EthanEthan.



Anonymous said...

QUITE satisfactory

Louisa said...

when you actually read this word by word, proper punctuation pauses and such... ethan ceases to sound like a real word. it's a strange phenomenon, as i'm sure this ethan character is.

my word verification for posting this comment is pasta. that reminds me of our italian redneck adventure in the back row of the nanny diaries.