Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i love mail.

So, I just got an amazing card from Dad that reads:

Oh my Gawd
What is up wit you. Doin' your thang - Layin' down some bad ass rhymes no doubt. You my girl - my double dawg - We be missin you sumpthin' fierce.

'Sup, Dawg?
Yo Yo - my gabby mama be missin' u. this house is like wack without you.
Damn Girl what the dillio - I be like "yo" and she be like "yo" - i be like - Lets call Boo Boo, our lil white daughter. She be like yo yo punch the diggetts my big strong black man. Later Peace Out.
From your Mom & Pops

i miss them..


Sara said...

Oh goodness. I wish my dad wrote me a card like that. Wow. That is so amazing. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

This is terrifying. Are your parents criminals?

Sara said...

You're a bit stinky over there.